About Us

The “parking industry” has become a hybrid of the parking operational planning, design and construction process, requiring strong and focused leadership with the understanding and development experience of the building systems necessary for a parking solution. The flexibility required with differing parking programs, user expectations as a driver and pedestrian, changing technology, as well as the economic pressures to build for less, have refined the way the product is being delivered.

At CPC, our experienced staff as Architects of parking, have a single focus, parking planning and design, that is all we do. As parking professionals, we have worked with many varied and different owners to understand their operational concerns and program needs. We also have worked with and for the contractors developing a hands on understanding of their abilities to deliver the parking solution in the field. Our profession as Parking Consultants, is the marriage of issues and components into the reality of concrete and steel, which is personally structured to fit the owner’s goals.

The parking building type is unique in the massive size, industrial character, abusive environment and the need to be durable, while providing a pedestrian-friendly environment. One of the often-overlooked aspects is the dual function of a vehicular and pedestrian environment and the need to be separated. There is a challenge with this type of building, in that it lacks a lot of finishes that are typically used to create a people-friendly environment and there is no opportunity to "cover up". The systems integration, the pulling together of all the pieces as well as proper orchestration, is paramount to achieving a user-friendly environment.